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This Little Piggy Kawaii Ergonomic Wrist Rest

$8.65 $11.53
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So you've got your mechanical RGB keyboard and mouse, all shiny and color-coordinated (and probably pink). But there's still one problem - all that gaming takes a toll on your hand and wrist, especially if you deal with arthritis or chronic pain in your muscles or joints. That's where This Little Piggy comes in. He's a simple, compact, memory foam wrist rest that looks cute and takes pressure off your wrist so you can do what you love for longer. A perfect addition for anyone's kawaii setup - plus it's small enough to take with you on the go, so you can experience the ergonomic comfort of This Little Piggy anywhere life takes you! 
  • Material: Memory Foam, PU

  • Net Weight: About 55g

  • Size: Appr.135x72x30mm

  • Color: Pink

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